BitShares Blockchain

Join the financial revolution with the most advanced blockchain platform to run decentralized fintech. Our innovative Blockchain as Organization (BaO) architecture integrates financial technologies into an efficient, transparent, and reliable financial ecosystem.

How Does it work?

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Liquidity Pools
Dynamic Account Permissions

User-Friendly accounts controlled via weighted combinations of one or multiple private keys to ensure your maximum security.

Node Built-in API Interface

BitShares node has a built-in API that enables any interface to interact easily with Blockchain without the need of maintaining a separate software.

Open Source Clients

BitShares users can login easily with their Blockchain accounts using an easy browser based open source wallet.

Decentralized Digital Stocks and Assets Network

BitShares Blockchain is a leading global financial markets infrastructure and data provider that is being developed through a Blockchain built-in decentralized organization combines a development and investment community working around the utility token BTS.

Unlock your financial potential: enrich your digital assets with a lightning-fast speed infrastructure, ultra-low fees, and total security. Access advanced financial services like decentralized liquidity pools, orderbooks, swap protocols, stable-coins, and much more.

With our open approach, trusted expertise and global scale, we enable the sustainable growth and stability of our users and their communities by decentralizing a fully scalable system to enhance capital formation and trade execution; and manage clearing and financial risks.


Blockchain Innovations

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BitShares Blockchain Use Cases

Company Shares

Corporate shares are heavily regulated by the SEC, but none of those regulations prevent them from being issued or traded on an alternative trading system. The regulations in many jurisdictions require all shares to be registered. BitShares blockchain shares can be used as collateral for a bond or be used in any number of smart assets.

Event Tickets

Event tickets are a largely unregulated use case for user-issued assets. Tickets to a school play could be issued as digital tokens that are auctioned off to the highest bidder, who would then resell them. This ensures that the ticket issuer raises as much money as possible up front, while transferring the risk of ticket sales on to speculators.

Digital Property

Software and music licenses can be made transferable by issuing them as a digital asset. Every copy of a program can check to make sure that the user has control of a token before running. Software implementing such a licensing scheme can remain functional even if the company that produced the license goes out of business.

Liquidity Pools

Instead of traditional markets of buyers and sellers, many decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms use automated market makers (AMMs), which allow digital assets to be traded in an automatic and permissionless manner through the use of liquidity pools.


DeFi cryptocurrencies are fully collateralized, and the issuer only needs to be trusted to appoint an honest set of independent (non-collusive) feed producers. Unlike deposit receipts, the value of a Privatized SmartCoin is secured even if the issuer disappears.

Pegged Assets

The benefit of price-stable cryptocurrencies is that they are fully collateralized, and the issuer only needs to be trusted to appoint an honest set of independent (non-collusive) feed producers. Unlike deposit receipts, the value of a Privatized Smart Assets is secured.


Open Source web client of BitShares Blockchain which connects to BitShares Blockchain nodes (bitshares-core).

This reference wallet is a browser-based wallet. Your keys are stored locally in your browser and never leave it as transactions are signed locally before broadcasting them.


Open Source Mobile App which connects to BitShares Blockchain nodes (bitshares-core).

Currently features:

  • Support account mode and wallet mode registration
  • Support wallet mode, account mode and private key mode login
  • Support for all asset views and transactions
  • Markets, TimeLine, K-Line Chart, Transaction History
  • Collateral, Transfer, Voting
  • Automated Market Making & Liquidity Pools

Roadmap 2023

Updating Information
Releasing New Website
  • Website is fast and light in browsing
  • Website shows clear description of BitShares
  • Website video showing how BitShares work
  • Website shows stats of BitShares
  • Website has all features of addressed
  • Website has all the development team
Releasing new docs website
  • Light and prompt help pages
  • Showing examples of integration codes
  • Addressing libraries and interfaces
  • Addressing howto use cases
  • Describing how products function
  • Addressing how blockchain clients works 
Releasing new core code 7.0
  • Functions for on-chain liquidity pools
  • Functions for on-chain smart orders
  • Functions for oracles (price feeder)
  • Functions for API Built-In interface
  • Enhancement for blockchain database

Request a feature

Users can participate in submitting requests for features while Blockchain Development team can evaluate and implement.

Operating BitShares Development

We strive to be transparent about how we operate the development of BitShares. This is one of our core values because we believe transparency is very crucial to BitShares Blockchain development success.

Our BitShares Team

BitShares Group team combines industry expertise who have proven record in banking, finance, development, marketing and legal.


Technology Architect

I am from Earth, I’ve lived enough to adore technology, science, philosophy, universal history, ancient languages and music. I believe I’m doing nothing but continuing my infinite existing information’s journey, I’m watching thru the eye, yet I have no choice but to witness.


General Engineer

I am a general engineer; I have an experience in several engineering disciplines, including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and computer engineering. My experience in the engineering field has enabled me to develop a deep understanding of complex engineering systems and blockchain functions and features.


Technology Analyst

I am an early Bitcoin investor and a skilled programmer with expertise in technical and fundamental analysis of markets with extensive experience in algorithmic trading, I am passionate promoter of decentralized finance,  I am an autodidactic educator, proficient code reviewer with a strong advocate of free markets and self-sufficiency.

Dr. Stefan Schießl

Blockchain Technology Master

I am a mathematician with a strong computer science background. Dissecting complex real world problems into models and structures that can be understood and solved by software, one block at a time. Curiosity is my most honest complement for a project.

Dr. Christopher Sanborn

Innovator and Creative Thinker


Expert in the supernatural the IT


Crypto Goddess

Abit More

Blockchain Core Developer

Dr. John Conlin

Blockchain Developer and Lawyer

In the past educated at a top public university and worked at a Wall Street law firm and fin-tech startup. Right now building decentralized finance technology with friends and meaningfully extend digital markets.


Technology Developer

Nicholas Burgess

Blockchain Analyst

I am a blockchain technology enthusiast and I have deep understanding of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technologies. I have passion for finding innovative ways to use blockchain technology to solve real world problems. I also have a strong knowledge of smart contracts and had developed various blockchain-based applications.


Blockchain Mobile Core Developer

Join Our Professional BitShares Blockchain Team!

We are true crypto enthusiasts and we love what we do as we have our own development team and we see the blockchain as the next stage in the development of the Internet.